Dallas Cowboys
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Get more sales with less stress [EN]

Dallas Cowboys

Arlington, Texas-Mike McCarthy's first year as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys did not perform well. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has some things beyond his control, such as handling virtual offseason plans, shortening training camps, and not having preseason games. Dak Prescott, Tyron Smith, La'el Collins and other expected major contributors were injured at the end of the season. Then came the death of strength and condition coordinator Markus Paul, and within 24 hours, the Cowboys (3-8) lost 41-16 to the Washington football team on Thursday. Payton's place Through dialogue with former players, coaches and key figures, Peyton Manning has entered the core of football history and its cultural influence. Watch on ESPN+ Players have repeatedly praised McCarthy for being sensitive to his own needs during the spring social turmoil after George Floyd's death. The players praised how McCarthy helped everyone feel sad about the loss of Paul.

Dallas Cowboys

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