American eagle
Get more sales with less stress [EN]

Get more sales with less stress [EN]

American eagle

With the almost dizzying number of product releases, you will find many new features in this week's chart. It is worth noting that on the 75th anniversary after the end of the Second World War, handbags and paper bags from the Talgras Prairie National Nature Reserve, powerful Minters and American Mint 2020 jewelry, 1/2 ounce of gold Certificate of quality and 1 ounce silver medal, as well as four different products that made the debut of five flowers in the Mayflower 400th Anniversary Collection: Two-coin gold and precision casting sets from the American Mint and the Royal Mint, and two mints Silver precision-cast coin and medal set, gold reverse refined set and silver counter-proof medal. ew! This week, we saw the number of uncirculated eagles in 2019-W gold increase from 5,851 to 6,996. The sales volume of gold bars of the American Eagle Gold Coin shows the same number of coins as in October-exactly 103,500, but the number of coins in October is slightly higher. There is one week left, can it exceed the total for October?

التاريخ: 27/11/2020 - الزيارات: 853

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