New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints wide collector Michael Thomas loosened up the extent that he could.

Thomas, subsequent to getting his eleventh spend of the day, attempted to break the plane of the objective line to score a touchdown on his NFL record-breaking 144th catch of the period.


The touchdown was upset on video survey, however the Ohio State item put the completing addresses his record-setting day at any rate. He found the end zone two plays later to give the Saints a 38-28 dig out from a deficit triumph over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday evening in Nissan Stadium.

"It was a great idea to get a success, be it we began moderate," Saints mentor Sean Payton said. "We did a couple of things to understand that energy moved."

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كورس تعليم المحادثة الانجليزية في 6 أشهر كامل مع الشرح (+13 جيجا)